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Customs Brokerage

ACE FORWARDING CASPIAN offers a well-designed and well-managed customs clearance and brokerage service, which reduces cycle times, and improves shipment visibility. Our knowledgeable customs clearance experts take care of your documentation and provide timely and reliable movement of your goods through the customs process.

Regardless of the speed with which a consignment reaches one of the CIS destination points, complex customs procedures and documentation requirements can result in indefinite delays costing heavy storage charges to consignees.

ACE FORWARDING CASPIAN’s customs brokers are comprehensively trained to understand increasingly complex customs procedures of each specific area of operation. Our customs brokerage team will take full and complete responsibility to ensure that the correct documentation is prepared well in advance of all import and export deadlines giving you the critical edge in expediting customs clearance and delivery of shipments

These services include: