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Dangerous Goods

If you consign goods that are classified as potentially hazardous when transported, you must arrange their packing and transportation by air, sea, road, rail or inland waterway in accordance with international regulations. Our in-house partners, Dangerous Goods Management (DGM), are experts in this field and can advise and take care of the necessary requirements on your behalf. 

The UN Model Regulations harmonise the rules on the various methods of transportation into a classification system in which each dangerous substance or article is assigned to a class ( ) defining the type of danger which that substance presents. The packing group (PG) then further determines the level of danger according to PG I, PG II or PG III.

Together class and PG dictate how you must package, label and carry dangerous goods, including inner and outer packaging, the suitability of packaging materials, and the marks and label they must bear.

DGM not only offer guidance, consultancy and training in the regulations but they can also undertake the classification, packing, marking, documenting and labeling on your behalf.

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